We believe that sustainable small scale beekeeping is the only way to produce table honey which is beneficial for health of humans. It is the only way that we can help our honey bees to avoid extinction.


How we achieve premium grade Fireweed Honey and hive products:

The pristine Boreal wilderness of Northern Canada is simply one of the last places on earth where it’s possible to find 100% pure Fireweed Honey. While our area was once extensively logged, there are not any large scale agricultural operations. Instead, these “clear cuts” have been replanted. For years after, there is a massive growth of Fireweed on this crown land, which is available to local beekeepers. This amazing plant, which signals the cycle of regeneration of the forest, is known and renowned as a natural remedy for dozens of illnesses. It also has great skin benefits. Fireweed is a source of dense nectar which is collected by our bees directly from the plant and transformed into 100% pure fireweed honey. As huge honey lovers, ourselves, we are proud to share this amazing sun essence with everyone!
We are delighted to offer a piece of our home to You and Your beloved in every product we produce.

What we do:

  •  We produce raw unpasteurized 100% pure Fireweed, Dandelion and Wild Flower Honey, Fireweed based handmade organic and natural cosmetics and Hive Products – wax and pollen.
  • We use only herbal essential oils and other organic remedies to treat our bees.
  • We have positioned our bees to forage for fireweed and other wild flowers in one of the cleanest parts of the world: Northern BC, literally on the side of a mountain in a former “clear cut” that is in the process of regeneration.

What we don’t do:

  • pesticides,
  •  antibiotics,
  • mass commercial production of bees and honey where bees suffer and produce low quality honey.

Our Mission

At Wright’s Apiary Ltd., we are passionate about our mission to provide our customers pure, raw, unpasteurized honey free of pesticides and other unnatural ingredients or processes. We are committed to using the finest ingredients and pure honey available in all our products. We seek to provide a family environment where our employees can take real pride in what they produce and grow personally and professionally. We are tireless in our pursuit of growth opportunities that provide value to our shareholders, while remaining socially responsible and ethical in pursuit of profitability.

Our Vision

Wright’s Apiary Ltd., located in pristine Northwestern BC, produces the highest quality raw Fireweed honey and hive products available anywhere in the world. Our artisanal honey production and natural methods support the well-being and survival of honey-bees, our world’s most important pollinator. We are a family operated business and enjoy the benefits of working together in a sustainable and natural way to create products we are proud to serve our customers. We are committed to increasing awareness of the integral role honey bees play in our overall human survival.