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Lip Balm Bundle of TWO

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Get this incredible deal and buy a half year supply of lip balm and save!

Buy two Fireweed Honey Lip Balm for $15.98 (you save $3.98!)

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Product Description

FIREWEED HONEY LIP BALM: Don’t settle for less – They’re YOUR lips. Experience the raw moisturizing power of unpasteurized fireweed honey!

From our bees to your lips – sweet fireweed honey & wax made by our bees in our Apiary. Add to this base organic and essential oils and you have the perfect moisturizing balm for lips and dry skin. Even some people with allergies have been able to use our balm.

Use our lip balm to keep your lips soft and kissable.

Your lips deserve the best, that’s why we use best and guilt free ingredients! Non-GMO, Organic ingredients. If you have allergies to cosmetics, try our lip balms and butters. All the people with allergies who tried our cosmetics say that your lip balms and butters are 100% suitable for them.

What would you say if we told you that by buying our lip balm you are supporting the survival of honeybees, our most important pollinator which is facing a critical time due to unexplained Hive Collapse Disorder? Well, you are. We are part of the solution, and by buying our products you help us to continue developing our local bee stock and producing the finest quality pollinators for agriculture, honey, wax and hive products in the process. We appreciate your support and are committed to bringing the highest quality products to market.

FIREWEED HONEY LIP BALM moisturizes your lips like the fresh mountain glacier water our bees use to make FIREWEED HONEY here in Northern BC.
We use our 100% pure FIREWEED HONEY & bees wax from pesticide and antibiotic free hives. Organic raw shea butter & coconut oil sooth and nourish your lips.

Read and support our publication “The Voice of The Bee”, a source of information about the challenges bees and beekeepers face, along with images and stories from our family apiary.
This helps support our bees, who are working very hard to make the purest fireweed honey on earth.

INGREDIENTS: beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, wild fireweed honey, unsweetened dark chocolate, essential oils.

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