honey & milk soap
honey & milk soap

“MILK & HONEY” Fireweed Honey MILK SOAP


This creamy soft soap is made of organic butters and Fireweed Honey purported to have antiseptic properties which nourish and protect your skin, soothing it in dry winter weather.

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Product Description

Simply by buying our soap infused with Fireweed Honey from our own bees,  you are helping to ensure the survival of our most important pollinator, Honey-Bees!

How do we do it?

Our carefully selected blend of premium organic ingredients are hand-crafted to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality.  Nothing but the best goes on your lips!

  • Pure, raw Fireweed honey, nature’s perfect moisturizer
  • Organic raw shea butter & coconut oil to smooth & soften
  • Wax & honey taken from our own healthy pesticide & antibiotic free hives
  • Our bees forage area is all natural – no pesticides or GMO crops are used
  • Non- allergenic



Read our blog The Voice of The Bee” about Fireweed Honeyhealth benefits and uses, and  bees and beekeepers and challenges they face, along with images and stories from our family apiary.


INGREDIENTS: olive oil, coconut oil*, shea butter*, grapeseed oil*, avocado oil*, milk, lye, Fireweed Honey**, dye, honey scent.


**From our hives

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