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Local bees for sale! Terrace BC. We sell nucleus colonies and established hives. Mated Queens are available as well. Nucs: 250$; You’ll get a mated queen+ 4 frames full of bees, brood and honey. No less then 4-5 lbs of bees. Ready to be installed in a 10 frame box. Queens 50$. Locally bred and mated. Suitable for our northern climate.

Our Queens are acclimatized to Northern BC chilly summers and long winters. We select our queens based on winterizing, hygenic behavior(varroa resistance), great brood pattern, fast built up in spring  and honey production.

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2 reviews for Local Queens and Bee Colonies for Sale

  1. 5 out of 5


    Daria and Roland came to inspect my hives because I became aware, that my bees lost their queen, which I purchased earlier in the year along with a nuc from another local supplier. I was worried that my bees were queenless and wanted to purchase a queen from to requeen the hive. I asked Roland and Daria to come over. Daria looked in the hive and said that the queen has been superseded and there is a virgin queen there, and that I had to wait a few days for the queen to start laying, and I didn’t need to requeen. I checked the hive in a few days and saw a lot of brood and eggs! She was right! Thanks, guys, you saved my day!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This honey season was challenging to say the least. The weather was the biggest challenge. The packaged bees featured very poor queens. As a result we ended up with a lot of them being beheaded.
    That is where you came to our rescue and provided us with replacements. I can not thank you enough. All these queens were accepted without hesitation and were able to build up sufficient numbers that will most likely survive the winter. Even though we did not requeen until mid August I am very impressed with the strength of the colony. Two of them even went on to fill a second box by late September. Our New Zealand packages can not even compare to them. Wow!
    I will definitely be calling you next spring when its time to split and replenish colonies.
    If you are looking for excellent replacements, I highly recommend that you give Dashia and Roland a call.
    Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to providing us with your Terrace bred queen bees!

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