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Fireweed Honey 500g

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Fireweed Honey can be considered a champagne of monofloral honey.  Think about the essence of fireweed and the anti-inflammatory and calming effect on your skin and body.  It is also a powerful natural moisturizer.  All this is concentrated in a spoon of raw honey added to your tea or to your skin care products.

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Product Description

2018 Harvest! Fireweed honey gets its name from a medicinal plant – The Rosebay Willow herb. This high-nectar plant has long been used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of diseases. It has been used traditionally to treat problems with the upper respiratory tract, and also has been reputed to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

500g jar of raw Fireweed Honey is available online or at Terrace Farmers Market on Saturdays during season from May to October.


Why Fireweed Honey?

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Weight 500 g

3 reviews for Fireweed Honey 500g

  1. 5 out of 5



    I just wanted to follow up on a recent purchase to commend an absolutely amazing world class product you and your family are producing.

    The amount of skill and dedication to your craft to produce such a fine a nd pure product in such a challenging and limited environment is impressive to say the least.

    My family and i have enjoyed many types of honey from all over the world and what you have is absolutely ranked among the best in the world. The clarity and consistency is truly breathtaking.

    I am guessing that you are already aware of its beauty which is why you chose to produce a monofloral honey in the great white north to begin with.

    Anyways thanks again and you can be sure that you have a customer for life (and my childrens) as well as a strong recommendation.

    Take care and keep up the best work.

  2. 5 out of 5


    seems one has to jump through hoops just to get the newsletter !

    Never mind….just want to say I applaud all your hard work keeping
    honeybees. As you are well aware, we would eventually cease
    to be, without wild bees and yes, honeybees, so you are indeed
    crucially important to the planet for what you do.

    I wish you both a restful winter and a productive, prosperous

    Kindest regards,
    Frances O’Toole
    ( Fireweed honey addict )

    • :

      thanks a lot for your kind words, Frances!
      It is exciting to breed bees and we are happy to do that! Fireweed honey is like no other honey and I have been a honey connoisseur myself! Ejgoy:-)!

      Daria & Roland

  3. 5 out of 5


    Thank you!
    We’ve received our order.
    The taste of your honey is exquisite!

    And thank you for the surprises. Much appreciated.

    Best regards

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