Mated Queens Are on Their Way

Mated Queens Are on Their Way

Wonderful stretch of weather and a perfect night to prep for first graft in a week or so. Thank you to everyone who came by our first farmers market to say hello!!!

Posted by on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Mated Queens Are on Their Way

Our first small graft. Checking to see if the bees are building out the cells as we just introduced them to the cell builder yesterday. You can see the bees are all over them and are starting to build them out.

Grafting eggs and introducing them into a queen-less colony stimulates the bees to quickly begin building queen cells as they feel the colony is queenless. Bee Breeders over the centuries have noticed that queenless colonies do a great job starting queen cells, and queen-right colonies do a better job finishing them.

There are many different viable ways to produce queens and the method we use takes advantage of this fact By blocking the scent of the queen in the early stage of cell production so the bees think they are queenless – they are not, not really… they just can’t smell her so they immediately start building out the cells with eggs we have grafted to Rear multiple Queens.

Once they have got a good start on this we will remove the barrier between the queen and the bees building the cells so they can smell her again and they will do the best possible job finishing the cells as a queen-right colony.

A little trick beekeepers have picked up to make the best possible queens using their natural proclivity’s and just a bit of trickery on our part 🐝

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